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Metabolic Defense

The Secret to Having Healthy Blood Sugar When Diet and Exercise Aren't Enough

Here's the latest research on how to reduce sugar cravings...
balance your blood sugar...and even help promote healthy weight loss

— By Nan Kathryn Fuchs, Ph.D.



If you're concerned about your blood sugar, you've probably tried exercising and watching what you eat.

Perhaps you've also tried popular supplements like cinnamon, chromium or gymnema.

All these things can help your blood sugar. But none of them are a complete solution. Why? Because none of them address all the underlying causes that contribute to blood sugar problems.

Unless you address all these underlying factors, you're only getting a partial solution to your blood sugar problem.

That's why I'm so excited to tell you about a new breakthrough that's working wonders for my patients. This discovery has already been shown to:

  1. Reduce sugar cravings
  2. Speed up your metabolism to promote healthy weight loss
  3. Lower cholesterol and triglycerides
  4. Support your pancreas, immune system and other organs
  5. Boost your ability to deal with stress
  6. Keep your energy levels steady all day long
  7. And support your body's natural ability to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance

Why You Can Trust Dr. Nan Fuchs

Holds a Ph.D. in nutrition and attended the Institute of Oriental Medical Studies.

• Co-founded one of the first holistic health centers in the United States in 1976.

• She is a published author of eight books, including "The 456 Most Powerful Healing Secrets."

• Her nutritional counseling practice, which she founded in 1983, has helped thousands of patients feel healthier and discover little-known cures for their chronic health issues.

• She has written dozens of health and nutrition articles.

• She has appeared on more than 100 television and radio programs.

• She is editor and writer of Women's Health Letter, the leading health advisory on healing for women.

This breakthrough builds on the latest scientific research about blood sugar.  For example, let me tell you about …

The immune booster that lowers
your blood sugar

You may have heard of the herb astragalus. Many people take it to fight colds and strengthen their immune systems. It's been used for thousands of years in eastern cultures for all sorts of health benefits. And in the past few decades, astragalus has been subjected to the rigors of modern science. In fact, it's one of the most widely studied herbs in the world. Yet most people never even think to take it for blood sugar.

However, a landmark study found that astragalus has the ability to balance your blood sugar. Not just lower it. Balance it. That means if your blood sugar is too high, it drops it. If your blood sugar is too low, it raises it.1

That's important because many other remedies can lower your blood sugar too far or too fast.2 This can cause the opposite problem — not enough blood sugar. Which can lead to "jitters" and weakness. Astragalus protects against that.

Astragalus does so much for your body3 — balances blood sugar, scavenges free radicals, supports your heart, nerves and kidneys. That's why it's at the top of my list of nutrients for blood sugar. But it's not the only one…

How to prevent stress from
raising your blood sugar

Stress can cause your blood sugar to spike. Why? Because stress causes your adrenal glands to produce the stress hormone cortisol. When you secrete cortisol, your blood sugar goes up. And when your blood sugar goes up, your pancreas produces more insulin. Too much insulin puts stress on your entire system, including inflammation of your tissues. Which starts the whole process over again. It's a vicious circle.

So as you can see, stress puts a lot of pressure on both your adrenal glands and your pancreas. That's why ginseng is such an important nutrient. That's right, Ginseng!

Ginseng has been used for centuries as a general tonic to fight stress.4 Yet it does a whole lot more. Studies show ginseng can work wonders to prevent a sharp jump in your blood sugar right after a meal.5

In one study, patients received a ginseng capsule or a placebo. Then they had a "meal" consisting of a high glucose drink. Ginseng didn't affect the people with normal blood sugar at all. But in those with blood sugar problems, ginseng lowered their post-meal glucose readings dramatically.6

As you can see, ginseng and astragalus can have a profound effect on your blood sugar. Yet they're only 2 of the powerful glucose-busting nutrients you need to know about…

The herb that re-builds your pancreas

Doctors in India have used the leaves of an herb called Gymnema sylvestre to treat blood sugar problems for generations. Now modern science proves that it truly works. Indeed, over 29 studies show that gymnema leaf lowers blood sugar and reduces your body's need for insulin.7

And here's the most amazing thing about gymnema. Scientists were stunned when they discovered an increase in the number of "beta cells" in the pancreas of test subjects. That means gymnema could actually help support new pancreas cells that produce insulin!8

This is unprecedented in the history of health sciences. Imagine, a single nutrient that can help lower blood sugar, support your body's ability to produce the insulin you need, and even support your pancreas. Gymnema can do all this and more.

But as good as Gymnema and these other nutrients are, you'll really get the full effect when you take them in combination with this next ingredient…

Alpha-lipoic acid

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is a powerful antioxidant. It regenerates other antioxidants in your body, like vitamin C and E.

And if you have high blood sugar, ALA can be a lifesaver. In fact, in one carefully controlled study, 74 patients were given ALA or a placebo. ALA boosted their ability to absorb and use blood glucose by 27%.9

Another study shows that ALA improves your body's sensitivity to insulin. And your ability to burn blood sugar. ALA can also lower your fasting glucose levels and enable your cells to store more glucose for energy. Rather than having a blood sugar build-up.10

Astragalus, ginseng, gymnema, and ALA aren't the only natural nutrients that can help balance your blood sugar...

The truth about cinnamon

It's no secret that eating too many sugary foods and refined carbs can cause your blood sugar to skyrocket. Over time, high blood sugar can damage and even kill off the "insulin receptors" on your cells.

When that happens, your body's cells don't respond as well to insulin. So they don't absorb as much sugar into your muscles and fat cells to produce or store energy.

Recently, scientists discovered that cinnamon could solve this problem.11 Researchers looked at 60 patients with high blood sugar. Half took a placebo. The other half took either 1, 3 or 6 grams of cinnamon daily.  After just 40 days, the group taking cinnamon had reduced their fasting blood glucose by nearly a third.

There are plenty more studies that show the beneficial effects of cinnamon. But hold on a minute! Don't think that you can run out to the supermarket and grab any old cinnamon for these kind of results. Or that cinnamon supplements always do the trick.

There's only one form of cinnamon that's been shown to work in human studies. It's called Cinnamomum cassia. That's the kind used in these studies. And the only kind of cinnamon you should ever buy to control your blood sugar. Some supplements just list "cinnamon bark extract." This says to me that it's not the same as the Cinnamomum cassia used in studies!  So if you've tried cinnamon supplements and been disappointed with the results, that could be the reason why.

Frankly, that's the problem I had with other blood sugar remedies on the market. There just wasn't a formula that included all these powerful nutrients in one complete solution - in the right forms and right amounts - for balancing blood sugar.

That's why I contacted my good friend Dr. Isaac Eliaz. Dr Eliaz is not only an M.D., but one of the most brilliant supplement formulators in the world. He's the inventor of wonderful products like MycoPhyto® and PectaSol® Chelation Complex. And he was the man who brought the secret Tibetan cardiovascular/ anti-inflammatory immune-booster Padma Basic to patients here in the U.S.

Dr. Eliaz got together with his team of chemists, pharmacologists and nutritionists to develop what I believe is the most complete blood sugar remedy ever. His new breakthrough is called Metabolic Defense.

Metabolic Defense is unlike any other formula I've ever seen. Dr. Eliaz's team put all of the nutrients I've been talking about into this amazing formula.

But guess what, Dr. Eliaz added even more nutrients to control your sugar cravings … help support healthy weight loss ... lower cholesterol ... and boost your energy.

Here's what else it contains:

  • Chromium — which has been shown to lower blood glucose levels.  Chromium also reduces your cravings for sweets and carbs, so your blood sugar doesn't spike so high after a meal.
  • Algimate® — a soluble fiber derived from seaweed. It sticks to the sugars in your digestive system. Research shows it can slow the absorption of both fats and sugars in the small intestine. 
  • Fenugreek — slows the absorption of sugars in the stomach. It stimulates insulin production. And it lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Cordyceps — used for thousands of years as a tonic for lung, kidney and heart problems.   Cordyceps became famous when two female Chinese athletes set new track and field event world records in 1993.12 Their coach attributed their success to high altitude training and a diet containing Cordyceps.
  • Maitake — lowers blood glucose and improves cholesterol levels.
  • Kudzu root — supports pancreatic cells and stimulates insulin production.
  • Holy basil leaf — reduces both fasting and post-meal glucose levels. Holy Basil is high in antioxidants. Having high blood sugar is an inflammatory condition. Antioxidants are powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients.
  • Jambolan seed — also thought to lower blood sugar, and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. One study showed Jambolan may even protect the pancreas by restoring protective enzymes such as glutathione back to normal levels.13
  • L-taurine — this sulphur amino acid is well known for protecting the heart. How? By reducing free radicals in blood fats. This translates into lower cholesterol and higher levels of "good" HDL cholesterol.
  • Ophiopogon — treats the fluid imbalance that causes many people with high blood sugar to urinate frequently and be thirsty.
  • Chinese yam — strengthens the spleen and kidney function, combating the thirst and frequent urination associated with high blood sugar.
  • Anemarrhena rhizome — decreases insulin resistance in those with high blood sugar. Yet it leaves people with "normal" blood sugar levels untouched.
  • Henon bamboo — protects your eyes by fighting a nasty enzyme called aldose reductase. Aldose reductase destroys bloods vessels in your retina.
  • Tiger lily bulb — which is used in traditional Chinese medicine to protect your heart and eyes.

But the real secret to Metabolic Defense isn't just its powerful 20 herbs in one formula. It's how they all work together to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.14

It's a remarkable blend of modern science and ancient wisdom. In my opinion, there isn't a more complete blood sugar solution on the market!

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Remember, unlike other formulas, Metabolic Defense doesn't just balance your blood sugar. It also supports your other organs, immune system and digestion to protect your whole body against the complications of high blood glucose.

Together with a sensible diet and moderate exercise, Metabolic Defense could be the missing link to finally getting your blood sugar under control. I am certain that you will benefit from Metabolic Defense, as do so many of my patients.

So please, order your supply now.

Your voice of reason in health,

Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD

P.S. The ingredients in Metabolic Defense have been shown to reduce sugar cravings ... promote healthy weight loss ... lower cholesterol ... keep your energy levels steady all day ... and maintain a healthy blood sugar balance. If you've tried other methods and been disappointed with the results, you owe it to yourself to try Metabolic Defense. Try Metabolic Defense today!


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